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Electrolysis and High Frequency Current

Many people wonder what is the principle behind hair removal with electricity. The answer to this question requires the presentation of several factors and elements. However, in this article we have chosen to limit ourselves to the essential: The phenomenon of high frequency.

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Unwanted Facial Hair Is NOT a Punchline

So, this woman walks into a bar and she has facial hair.

Think that joke is funny? No? Well, Jim Shea, humor columnist for the Hartford Courant does.

Mr. Shea recently wrote a piece entitled My Two Bits On Women Shaving Their Faces. In this piece, he first implies that by growing a few hairs on her face, a woman has now crossed over so far into masculinity that she should be called a traditionally male name like "Dominic" and be considered "tough." He then explains that he is talking about a real person - a girl he went to grammar school with.

Once he's done establishing that, he goes on to explain that what he's really "resentful" about is that these women have taken up shaving - an activity which he believes to be the sole province of men.

Oh, and along the way, he refers to electrolysis hair removal as "a form of electrocution."

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